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On Breaking Up (Part 1)

How many times have you ever had your heart "broken" because your ex(es) wanted to break up with you? How many times have you got out of a relationship/marriage leaving your ex(es) "brokenhearted" because you were the one who decided to call it quit? How many times have you parted ways with your romantic partner(s) and maintained the no-speaking terms until this very second? Love is tricky. That's what I used to think. The first time I fell in love with someone, I was in high school. Puppy love, one would say. But I don't think I should belittle, let alone disregard that experience. I honor that phase of feeling the genuine attraction and compassion romantically towards someone else for the first time. Anyway, I shall not name names, but this person that became my first love was a boy. Obviously, I was (and still am, the last time I checked) gay. The boy (who I assumed straight and is married now to a woman and they have two beautiful kids) (yes, I s