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On Growing Up

I decided to add extension to the blog's original title, "The Dimwitted Conscience", by putting two extra words, "Grows Up", that would change the course of the blog. Looking back to 2008, the year when I first started this blog, I posted many unnecessary ranting in regards to my struggle in finishing college. Though come to think of it, the rants were actually necessary in venting out my frustration over the classic problem faced by many university students: wrapping up the final assignment that is the undergraduate thesis. So I basically bitched about how hard it was keeping up with all the thesis business. If I gotta be honest, the reason why I came up with the title "The Dimwitted Conscience" for my blog was not only because I enjoyed self-deprecating humor, but I also felt that I was lacking the agility to finish my study. I thought that the name was just appropriate considering the circumstances I was in back then. Another reason was because I wa