Confession of Many Married Men

I look up to the ceiling where the van is blowing what I'd consider an oasis in this humid room. Through its rather slow clockwise whirling, I can spot a significant amount of dark stain glued on the blades. It's the dust that has been there for years. The dust that has kept all the secrets of everyone that enters the room.

I turn my head to the left side. My eyes lay on the body sleeping by my side. I'm staring at the defined back muscle beautifying his toned body. His bare bum looks smooth for someone with hairy chest. I suspect he waxes. Well with the rate he charges, he should be able to afford a high-maintenance ass.

My alarm rings off. I better get dressed and go home. My wife promised to cook my favorite dinner tonight.
My Husband's Lover

Jakarta, May 2015.


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