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The Heaven I Was Promised

Heaven was taken from here Broken glasses, empty bottles, flipped tables, wrecked sofas, burned flesh, exposed bones, sploshed human intestines, remains of the destroyed bodies, and fresh blood were scattered all over the dance floor. I saw my head stuck between piles of the DJ's turntables, my eyes were staring blank at the big hole on the ceiling. I could not find my body though. Ten minutes earlier, I went in to the club that was jammed with young people jumping to the loud sound of music, thrusting their hips uncontrollably, shaking their head off like lunatics. It was the most disgusting sight ever. These sinful people, they deserve to rot and burn in the deepest hell. Look at how ignorant they were. They did not notice my presence. I was the only person who carried a backpack inside and they did not even care. I squeezed through the crowd to get to the center of the dance floor where I was instructed to be standing. After reaching the spot, I closed my eyes and prayed for a m