A House Under The Moon

I wake up to the sound of moaning and grunting. I listen carefully and catch some giggling sound.

I let out a big sigh and close my eyes again.

The couple living above my room is having their religious rituals. They are Muslim. I saw them praying when I was passing by. I have heard that Muslim couples are encouraged to have intercourse on Thursday night. So this is what I have to put up with every Thursday night for living next to their love shack.

I am still sleepy but I know that the sound of their cracking bed hitting the wall would never put me to sleep. So I get up and look out to the windows. It's half moon but the stars are shining bright like the diamonds. It's a beautiful night, I must say.

I smell something good.. it smells familiar.. it smells like cheese. I suddenly feel hungry. I get out from my room.

It's dark outside. The lights are off. But there, under the dim moonlight, I can see a big chunk of what seems to be a blueberry cheesecake. I can't help drooling. Who doesn't love blueberry cheesecake anyway?

I run to it immediately. Halfway to the cake, all of a sudden, I feel something is holding my feet back. So I look down.

"What the fuck?", I hiss in disbelief.

Someone has smeared something sticky on the floor. I try to shake off my right foot. But it's stuck. I try the left one. It doesn't move. I try harder and fall down on my right side. My hands are now stuck in it. I realized that something has gone wrong. I shake my body harder but I cannot move my body one bit.

I get panic and start to scream for help. I keep on screaming until someone turns the lights on. The lights blind me and I scream louder.

I heard someone yell "Baby wake up! Come here. Look at what I just found". My eyes are still closed from the blinding lights but I can hear another footsteps approaching.

Then I hear another voice talking. "The trap worked, babe. Told you. What a disgusting rat. I'll throw it away now to the dump".

Mickey was taken from here

Written during Jakarta CouchSurfing Writers' Club, 21 November 2013, under the theme of "Night". 


  1. jadi di awal lo bercerita di sudut pandang tikus? Wah gila.. ini super duper keren!!!!!


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