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Papa Don't Breach!

There is a woman staring back at me. Her hair is dyed brown with curls touching her sleeveless shoulder. Her eyes look fierce with artificial long eye lashes. Her full lips tinted with maroon lipstick, cheeks blushed with glittery pink. Her breasts are cupped in tiny tube top that barely hides the nipples. Her magenta nails have been carefully manicured. She applies the lotion to the tanned thighs before sliding her long legs into leather stilettos. She twirls around once to see how her mini dress flowing flawlessly, resulting in her Victoria's Secret panty peeking out in a flash. "Perfect", she whispers. It's a quarter to 10, she stepped back from the mirror and walks towards the door. As she is about to leave the house, a sound of a sleepy 5-year old girl is heard from the bed. "Where are you going, Dad?" The pic was dragged from here Jakarta, 11 April 2013 Written during CouchSurfing Writers' Club under the theme of "Clown".