Spice Up Your (After) Life

I still remember the first time you kissed me. You said it was the kiss that you had been waiting for. You said that it felt so right. You said that I was “The One”.

And I bought that. I fell for you. We were so happy until you finally met this chick. And all of a sudden, you decided you wanted to get married with her.

I, of course, was in shock. I kept asking you “Why?”. You, of course, came up with the answer “We cannot get married because you are a man.


So you left me and got married with her.

Could you imagine how I felt? Of course, you could not, because you were too busy fucking that bitch who just became your wife.

A few months after your wedding, you called me again. You said you missed me. Ha ha. Do you still remember that? Well I do. Vividly. To be honest, I missed you too, but I told you to fuck off and hung up the phone.

And yesterday, I read about you in the newspaper. You are now so famous. "Goodie goodie", I thought, "Finally, your dreams of hitting the fame came true". Your face is everywhere. Your wife’s face is also everywhere.

Well, to be fair, she’s the one who made the headline: A wife caught his husband cheating with another man and fatally shot them multiple times.

Way to go to make a scene, man! The news went viral.

You picked the right woman. She’s a badass, your wife.

Oh well, I gotta go. I might visit your wife in the prison later and high five her.

Nice tombstone, by the way.

Rest in pieces. The image is taken from here

Jakarta, 26 September 2013.

Written during Jakarta CouchSurfing Writers' Club under the theme of "Taste: Spicy".


  1. Ha ha!! ha ha!! can't stop laughing :D
    bitch is everywhere!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT :))) Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comments :)


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