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Spice Up Your (After) Life

I still remember the first time you kissed me. You said it was the kiss that you had been waiting for. You said that it felt so right. You said that I was “The One”. And I bought that. I fell for you. We were so happy until you finally met this chick. And all of a sudden, you decided you wanted to get married with her. I, of course, was in shock. I kept asking you “ Why? ”. You, of course, came up with the answer “ We cannot get married because you are a man. ” Right. So you left me and got married with her. Could you imagine how I felt? Of course, you could not, because you were too busy fucking that bitch who just became your wife. A few months after your wedding, you called me again. You said you missed me. Ha ha. Do you still remember that? Well I do. Vividly. To be honest, I missed you too, but I told you to fuck off and hung up the phone. And yesterday, I read about you in the newspaper. You are now so famous. " Goodie goodie ", I thought, " Finally, your dreams o