Lost In Lust

It was a very windy and cloudy afternoon. The digital clock read 5 PM and every skycrapers all over Jakarta in sight had their lights turned on. We did not need some balding weatherman to tell us that it was gonna be raining cats and dogs. Everyone hurriedly cleared up their desk, turned off their computers, and left the coffee-stained cups under the dim neon lights.

I could no longer hear the typing sounds on the keyboard, the suspicious murmurs over the cubicles, the secret whispers that carried the dirtiest gossip in the office on the phone, or the distant beat of the music coming through the overly loud headphones. This floor was now empty. All I could hear was the soft buzzing whiz descending from a couple of aircons in the corner.

I was sitting in my tiny cubicle, staring at the crumpled post-it in my hands. “This cannot be happening” I thought.

It threw me back to that fateful night

I was working overtime. A procrastinator at heart, everyone in the office had known that I would sleepover in the office when the deadline was getting closer. It was almost midnight when I heard the footsteps were approaching.

“Working late tonight?” he greeted me. I knew he was standing so close behind me, I could feel his warm breath right on my skin.

“Just in time”, I replied while typing down the last sentence of the report that I had been working on.

I turned my back and kissed him. We undressed each other and fell down on the floor.

It had been going on for a month now. What started out as a friendly massage from a helpful security guard had turned out to be an affair that happened so regularly.

I looked at the familiar writing that I always saw on his overtime sheet and let out a big sigh.

It said “I need you to hand me 2 million by tomorrow morning, or else I swear that everyone will know about your secret tomorrow”.

I stared at the note and dialed his extension number. It rang 3 times before someone picked it up. "Security office", a familiar voice greeted me. I gathered all my strength and let out a slightly shaky response "Hi. It's me. Meet me up at the balcony in 5 minutes." Then I hung up the phone.

I walked slowly to the exit door leading up to the balcony. I kept the door open and stood behind it. One minute. Two minutes. 5 minutes. I heard footsteps approaching. He was always punctual, that security staff. I could hear him humming some local song as he got closer to the exit door. The moment his back showed up before me, my hands immediately hit the back of his skull with the golf stick. He fell down on the edge, his upper body hanging on the loose end.

I whispered to his ear "I'm sorry" and pulled up his legs, sending him diving 20 stories down to the eternity.

Jakarta, 4 July 2013

Written during Jakarta CouchSurfing Writers' Club under the theme of "The Lowest Point in Career".


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