I've Been Kindled by Kindle! (... sorry)

It's been over 3 months since I received my Kindle. I have never reviewed a gadget but would love to share my experience regarding this particular tablet.

I can't exactly recall when I first stumbled upon an article about Kindle, but I remember that Kindle was named the pioneer of e-readers generation. Being someone who considered himself a book geek, I was somehow intrigued in terms of the possibility of reading a book through an electronic device without having to worry that the book would get damaged out of my recklessness. However, the old-school side of me insisted that the joy of reading heavily relies on the feeling of how we grasp the book; on the feeling of its weight and its thickness in our hands; on the scent of either the aging or the brand new papers that always lingers whenever we open the book; on the brittle sound of the paper whenever we're turning the page; on the excitement, the relief, or even the disappointment over the realization that the remaining pages were getting thinner as the story comes to an end. It did not take long for me to give up on conforming to the trending technology and pledged to read printed books instead.

It was not until last year when I, again, started to land my gaze on Kindle when Twitterverse was buzzing with the then-recently-came-out Kindle Fire HD. It would be an understatement if I said I wasn't drooling over the possibility of having a computer tablet that does everything: books, magazines, newspapers, music, pictures, videos, games, and browsing. Call me greedy but I ain't ashamed of the fact that I eventually decided to let go of my old-school reading attitude and started to embrace the technology.

Being greedy, of course, comes with a price

Sold starting from 199 USD, apparently Kindle Fire HD is not distributed in Indonesia. Amazon, who produces Kindle, only authorizes US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan as the countries in which Kindle will be available. Shipping to Indonesia costs as much as the Kindle itself I'd better stick with printed books.

I was torn between buying Kindle Fire HD or iPad mini. Both are of the same size of a book (7 inch) and of moderate weight, not too big or too heavy to carry around and read. After browsing through many reviews comparing each tablet to another, I came to a conclusion that Kindle is better than iPad in terms of the source because Amazon has way more comprehensive collection of books compared to Apple Store. The problem is, I could not find the Kindle sold in Indonesia. You see, I did not believe in fairies but I guess a book fairy had heard my prayers because when my lecturer was returning from the US, being an angel that she is, she brought this for me!

Just arrived!
I registered the Kindle with my Amazon account right away. Another problem occurred. I could not buy any books because of territory restrictions! So I had to create new account with US address, all credit goes to Dita who has been very generous in letting me use her NY apartment address. Later on she bought the Kindle for herself and told me that she loved it too.

Here are what I personally love about Kindle:
High Definition. Very neat and clean for an e-reader. It's almost like as if you're reading a printed book.
Highlight. I am addicted to highlighting and making notes on what I read. Kindle definitely has that feature. Bye post-its (and save trees)!
Easily Accessible Options. You can play with the font, the background, the spacing, the margins, etc for the most convenient reading.
Pop-up Dictionary. The ultimate advantage for someone who has poor English vocabularies like myself. Just tap on the word and voila!
X-ray. Fun feature to know how frequent a character or a place appeared in the book.
Carousel View. It shows the recently used item on your Kindle. Comes in handy to get back to your reading.
Audiobook. If your eyes get too tired, plug in your earphone and let the narrator read you the book. The audio syncs with each page so you can get back to reading and pick the sentence where the narrator left off.
Dolby Audio. The only tablet with Dolby technology for immersion reading and of course listening to your fave song.
Besides the reading featurette, Kindle Fire HD is also capable of browsing, watching movies, video-calling, e-mailing, and other common applications you usually find in a gadget. But one thing for sure, Kindle is the only technology advancement that offers you the best reading experience!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I can understand what you mean!
    A month ago, I bought a tablet, and filled it with several e-books. I totally love the experience of reading this kind of 'book'. It's really handy too :)

    1. (Just noticed the reply feature.. I'll repost hehe) I know right! It's actually perfect for international student like you in case you get stressed out during packing :D

  2. why did you write 'sorry' in the title?

    1. because I was being cheesy with the title haha


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