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Could Anything Happen?

The sun was beaming through the rather disorderly closed curtains. I opened my sleepy eyes just to close it again because the light was so bright it almost blinded me. Slowly I tried to adjust my eyes to the morning sunlight. I could feel the chill of the morning breeze sipping under every nook and canny of the house, whispering right onto my bare chest. It would have been freezing if it weren’t for the arms that embraced me so tenderly. Wait. Arms? My gaze landed at an arm lying on my stomach, holding me so tight it awakened me into a full alert immediately. “What the fuck am I doing?” There he was, lying beside me, bare-chested. As my gaze went down to his hips, I could tell that he wore nothing under the blanket. I hastily put my hands under the blanket and my palm touched the skin on my bum. I was naked. Fuck. My mind went back to what happened last night. We were watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy, our favorite saga, accompanied by huge bags of potato chips and cans and cans o

I've Been Kindled by Kindle! (... sorry)

It's been over 3 months since I received my Kindle. I have never reviewed a gadget but would love to share my experience regarding this particular tablet. I can't exactly recall when I first stumbled upon an article about Kindle, but I remember that Kindle was named the pioneer of e-readers generation. Being someone who considered himself a book geek, I was somehow intrigued in terms of the possibility of reading a book through an electronic device without having to worry that the book would get damaged out of my recklessness. However, the old-school side of me insisted that the joy of reading heavily relies on the feeling of how we grasp the book; on the feeling of its weight and its thickness in our hands; on the scent of either the aging or the brand new papers that always lingers whenever we open the book; on the brittle sound of the paper whenever we're turning the page; on the excitement, the relief, or even the disappointment over the realization that the remaining p