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“Jamie!” A woman shouted. I turned my back to see who that shout belonged to. She run to me and hugged me before I could process what was happening. “Look how big you’ve turned out now! It’s been years!”, she shrieked with excitement. I was still stunned but eventually managed to ask “When did you come back, Aunt Lisa?”. “Oh dear, your uncle got a heart attack last week. He just got transferred to the city hospital as they don’t have sufficient resources in the village to treat him. I took a quick run here to buy toiletries because I didn’t have time to pack stuff properly. The perks of having no child: you do everything on your own.” she replied grimly. “Oh I am sorry to hear that. Um… how is Uncle Dan now?”   I asked reluctantly. “Well, getting better I suppose. However the doctors keep monitoring him intensively because his heart is still very weak” she replied sadly. “Would you like to visit him?” she added while raising her eyebrow. I was speechless. “I... I don’t…" She cut m

Asean Trip Day 6: Bali Nightlife

So the other day, I rushed myself to the emergency room because my stomach suddenly hurt so bad as if someone was unmercifully squeezing whatever organs inside of it very hard. Turned out I got fatty liver and had to be really careful with what I eat and the doctor told me not to get too drained out. Also, my blood pressure was bloody high. I'm old, apparently. The combination of an aching tummy and constant idleness after a few weeks of ditching gym is killing me, I decided to blog at last to divert the pang of abdominal pain into something, I don't know, fun? Right. Whatever. This post is long overdue, but I'll publish it nevertheless. This was the last leg of my Asean trip. Hope you’ll find it useful. Let me reminisce back to the time when my best friend, Gina, and I went to Bali in 2011. We attended the closing party of Double Six club which was practically our first rave party. I happened to be liking -even loving- it, while Gina felt it was not for her. That's whe