Asean Trip Day 5: Kuala Lumpur

The time had come for us to leave Thailand.

It was around 7PM when we got to Phuket International Airport and strolled for one last time in the airport checking out pricey souveniers before having dinner at Subway. Our flight to KL was scheduled at 9PM, we were pretty drained out yet still managed to pull a little window-shopping at the perfumery and chocolatier in the boarding lounge.

We flew back to Malaysia with AirAsia and landed safely on Kuala Lumpur International Airport Low Cost Carrier Terminal (KLIA LCCT) at around 11PM and took a bus to the KL city center from which we would take taxi to get to our lodging.
Welcome back to Kuala Lumpur!
Coincidentally, the front row seats of the bus were occupied by Malaysian-Indian guys with whom we shared the same boat to Phi Phi Island. So we talked and I found out that there were actually two KLIA airports, the first one was KLIA LCCT to cater low-cost airlines such as AirAsia, Tiger Airways, and the like. The other one was KLIA, Malaysian's main international airport. That's when we knew that we had to go to the main KLIA the next day as we booked the seats on Lion Air to fly back to Jakarta. Apparently Lion Air was not a low-cost airline, despite its image in Indonesia. Or at least in my opinion.
I remembered them as The Guys Who Were Fascinated By Jennifer's Booty... :D
It took an hour to get to the city center by bus. I thanked the Malaysian guy for the info about the airport and something about the taxi drivers there which I can't recall now by the way and, together with Nana and Gina, hopped onto the taxi heading right to Cube Hotel where we would stay for the night. The trip had taken its toll on us so when we finished taking turns for midnight shower in the tiny hotel bathroom, we all passed out shortly after hitting the hay.

Woke up at 10 in the morning the following day, we realized that we had totally missed breakfast but decided to go on a brunch at Suria Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). I had always been a big fan of Malaysian claypot rice long before I stepped my feet in the country. So when I finally got the chance to visit Malaysia, I SO had to try the authentic cuisine in its home country which was obviously the BEST.
Suria KLCC
Malaysian Claypot Rice Cashewnut Chicken
There was also this exhibition of Formula 1 Grand Prix Sepang 2012 which took place in the next couple of days. We got to see a few of the prototype race cars shown at Suria KLCC.

Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix 2012
After brunch, we rushed off to the nearest LRT station as our flight to Jakarta was set at 3PM. Of course, we felt urged to take the touristy picture in front of the Petronas Twin Towers. Also, there was a stage which happened to be the venue for a Korean festival at which SNSD was gonna perform. Too bad we came one day too early.
Girls Generation performed on this stage!
Anyway after taking pictures, Gina and I hugged Nana goodbye because she extended her stay in Malaysia for one more day to meet a friend.
About to board on LRT
Gina and I headed right to the subway station, awkwardly purchased the LRT tickets via the vending machine and finally managed to catch our breath after sitting inside the LRT that would take us to KL Sentral. We then transferred to KLIA Ekspres which was the coolest train we'd ever been on because there was free 4G wi-fi along the way to the airport! Well, obviously it wasn't exactly free as the the facility was included in the 35 MYR one-way ticket. But still.
Inside KLIA Ekspres
We arrived at KLIA main airport in precisely 28 minutes and jogged all the way to the satellite terminal where we checked in later on. We flew back to Jakarta with Lion Air after 30 minutes delay, but I was not done.

I'm going to blog about the next leg of my Asean trip on the next post soon!

See you!


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