Asean Trip Day 4: James Bond Island

Last day in Thailand.

We were scheduled to go on a tour to James Bond Island. As the name suggests, the island was once used as the filming location of a James Bond movie, which I can't recall the title but you can google it up anyway.

They picked us up with a mini van at 8 in the morning. There were already 5 Australian guys on the backseat who seemed to be still recovering from a massive hangover. My observation was proven to be correct as when we were on the way to pick up the last guest, one of them puked. A great way to start the day!

Anyway, they drove us to a harbor where rows of big boats were docked. One of them was gonna take us on a voyage to the most-anticipated tourists destination, James Bond Island. As opposed to the hilarious ladyboys who guided us yesterday to Phi Phi Islands, this trip was led by Thailand hunks. Frankly they were not as entertaining as the ladyboys, but sure enough those young men were a delight to the ladies and the gays.

Halfway to the island, in the middle of the Indian ocean, we saw a cave in which a God-like figure was naturally built. We went inside by a canoe which was definitely exciting as it was my first time canoeing. There weren't a lot to see, though. Except bats. Thousands of them, I believe. It's only a miracle that they didn't drop their shit on me.


We had our lunch on the boat. A buffet of authentic Thai cuisine. Please dive in!

Not long after having our lunch, we finally arrived at James Bond Island!

That's Bond.
That's me.
Apart from the fact that I could take a pic exactly at the place where Roger Moore stood up posing for the photo above decades ago, the island was kinda boring. The only attraction was that peculiar rock standing above the water. It must be lonely at night. I liked Phi Phi Islands better. We were there for an hour before heading back to Phuket as we had to catch the 7PM flight to Malaysia that very afternoon.

The highlight of the day was ironically not the James Bond Island. It was the dance that we did when we were sailing back to the main island. We danced to some Thai traditional songs and, boy, it was crazy fun, I bet Mr. Bond himself didn't get to do it while filming the movie! Too bad, Sir!

Thai guys led the dance
People started to dig in
More people started dancing
Some were too shy to join
People, of course, got carried away eventually

More later,



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