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Asean Trip Day 5: Kuala Lumpur

The time had come for us to leave Thailand. It was around 7PM when we got to Phuket International Airport and strolled for one last time in the airport checking out pricey souveniers before having dinner at Subway. Our flight to KL was scheduled at 9PM, we were pretty drained out yet still managed to pull a little window-shopping at the perfumery and chocolatier in the boarding lounge. We flew back to Malaysia with AirAsia and landed safely on Kuala Lumpur International Airport Low Cost Carrier Terminal (KLIA LCCT) at around 11PM and took a bus to the KL city center from which we would take taxi to get to our lodging. Welcome back to Kuala Lumpur! Coincidentally, the front row seats of the bus were occupied by Malaysian-Indian guys with whom we shared the same boat to Phi Phi Island. So we talked and I found out that there were actually two KLIA airports, the first one was KLIA LCCT to cater low-cost airlines such as AirAsia, Tiger Airways, and the like. The other one was KLIA, Malaysi

Asean Trip Day 4: James Bond Island

Last day in Thailand. We were scheduled to go on a tour to James Bond Island. As the name suggests, the island was once used as the filming location of a James Bond movie, which I can't recall the title but you can google it up anyway. They picked us up with a mini van at 8 in the morning. There were already 5 Australian guys on the backseat who seemed to be still recovering from a massive hangover. My observation was proven to be correct as when we were on the way to pick up the last guest, one of them puked. A great way to start the day! Anyway, they drove us to a harbor where rows of big boats were docked. One of them was gonna take us on a voyage to the most-anticipated tourists destination, James Bond Island. As opposed to the hilarious ladyboys who guided us yesterday to Phi Phi Islands, this trip was led by Thailand hunks. Frankly they were not as entertaining as the ladyboys, but sure enough those young men were a delight to the ladies and the gays. Halfway to the island, i