Asean Trip Day 3 (continued): Phuket Nightlife

It was a regular merry night at Patong. Tourists strolling around the streets, locals approaching to offer Thai massage, waiters standing by the restaurants and bars inviting people to come in, food stalls selling relatively cheap pork, chicken, seafood, or sweet pancakes.

As my girl friends and I were staying at different hotel, we decided to meet at an intersection between Patong Beach and Bangla Road. I got there first and while waiting for my friends, I went in to a 7 Eleven store there. A friend told me that Thai Sevel has the most delicious Iced Thai Tea ever, which is not sold at Sevel Indonesia. Boy, was she not kidding: i tasted what could be the best Thai tea ever! And it merely cost you 18 baht! Definitely made my day! I haven't tasted any better Iced Thai Tea ever since. I grabbed my dinner at Subway for 29 baht.

Anyway, I finally met Gina and Nana and we headed to Bangla Road, considered as the most lively district in Phuket at night. By lively, I mean these:

A few pics I got on my cam. The rest is history (actually, I prefer to keep it to myself).


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