On Lady Gaga's Concert In Indonesia

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I initially didn't give a shit as to whether or not the Lady Gaga's concert in Indonesia has to be cancelled. But I stumbled upon my best friend's status on Facebook telling her thoughts upon this matter and somehow I was triggered to speak up as well.
The mumbo-jumbo began when a group of people protested against Lady Gaga conducting a tour in Indonesia. These people consider Lady Gaga promotes certain values that contradict whatever values they believe in. They see the existence of Lady Gaga as a threat to their faith. Thus the idea of bringing her in to the country is not acceptable.
Having an astonishing history of violence (yet somehow always be able to get away with it) and special achievement in making the police chickened out (which is why they never end up in prison to begin with, albeit the numbers of violent and hate crimes they have done which clearly broke the Indonesian law), these people have once again managed to successfully attract the media's attention. This leaves the police with no other option but to look into the matter and do an investigation.

The police later found out that the concert does not have any permit letter from the authorities, therefore the concert could be potentially officially banned because the Indonesian law says so. In this case, the police banning of the concert is justifiable.

I just want to emphasize that whoever arranged the concert are idiots.

Think about the people who have bought the tix. If the concert were canceled, they would suffer the financial loss. Of course, there has to be a refund. However the time, the energy, and the efforts these fans have put to see their idol can never be restored, whereas they deserve to use the money they have earned as convenient as they wish, be it watching a concert, or shopping, or buying a car, anything. And it's not up to a certain group of people in some organization, or the police, or the government to tell them how to spend the money they have personally earned.

The promoter should have prepared everything very well, as I heard the ticket price itself was quite expensive. I mean, what kind of people who charge their customers with an awful lot of money but can not pull the high-quality service that should come with that price? Oh right, idiots.

Now back to the pros and cons on whether or not the Lady Gaga's concert is appropriate to be held in Indonesia. I'd like to point out two things that are usually being debated:

1. The Costume
I'm aware that some of Lady Gaga's signature costumes may be considered racy within the Indonesian norm. If that's the problem, the authority and the promoter could sit together and talk to negotiate with Lady Gaga's team on the wardrobe and other props that should be used at her concert in Indonesia. I'm pretty sure as a well-established international artist, Lady Gaga and her creative team could work out something to customize the costumes based on Indonesian norms without losing whatever messages she's trying to deliver with her music. She can even pick Indonesian traditional costumes to wear, to which I'm sure the news will travel fast across the globe, and it's us Indonesians who will take the pride if Lady Gaga is wearing batik or kebaya or even koteka.

2. The Lyrics
A few of Lady Gaga's songs show that she supports LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people which is still deemed as an abomination in our country. TV One was once making a headline that Lady Gaga sent the wrong message (alias "sesat") through the lyrics in "Born This Way". However after listening to the lyrics, I believe that the big picture of the song is actually to embrace yourself no matter who you are or what you are, regardless the skin color, race, religion, sexual orientation, or other things that make us different from others.

But then again, if they still stubbornly want to interpret the song in such narrow-minded way, they could ask the promoter to delete the track from the list, as oppose to deleting the existence of Lady Gaga (she has 24 million followers on Twitter. I think that fact alone would be rather tricky to ignore. Let alone deleting her existence). Also, I'm pretty sure that Lady Gaga can have it covered with other songs. And please, what's wrong is actually letting the corrupts become our representatives in parliament for so long. Now THAT is sending the wrong message that being a corrupt is OK.

And I just noticed, why haven't these group of people attacked the parliament building and broken its windows and hit those corrupted reps? They can only attack unarmed civilians. Losers.

Lastly, why do we even bother to make a big fuss about it? Don't we have bigger problems with the corruption, poverty, and the lack of education already? I mean if you don't like seeing some artists conducting a concert, then don't watch it. It's as simple as that. I mean, God, it's exactly the same as when you're sick of watching the sinetron on TV, instead of complaining and whining about it, you could just turn the fucking TV off.

No need to be such a drama queen, for God's sake.




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