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On Lady Gaga's Concert In Indonesia

Pic taken from here I initially didn't give a shit as to whether or not the Lady Gaga's concert in Indonesia has to be cancelled. But I stumbled upon my best friend's status on Facebook telling her thoughts upon this matter and somehow I was triggered to speak up as well. The mumbo-jumbo began when a group of people protested against Lady Gaga conducting a tour in Indonesia. These people consider Lady Gaga promotes certain values that contradict whatever values they believe in. They see the existence of Lady Gaga as a threat to their faith. Thus the idea of bringing her in to the country is not acceptable.   Having an astonishing history of violence (yet somehow always be able to get away with it) and special achievement in making the police chickened out (which is why they never end up in prison to begin with, albeit the numbers of violent and hate crimes they have done which clearly broke the Indonesian law), these people have once again managed to successfully attract th

Asean Trip Day 3: Ko Phi Phi Leh

The next day, Nana rang at around 07.30 in the morning. The call woke me up and I nearly jumped out of the bed realizing that I got up very late, thus only had less than 30 minutes to glam up. While cursing myself in the shower for sleeping like the dead whereas the alarm that I had set the night before went off properly, I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling rather ecstatic because today we were going to Phi Phi Islands, widely known as the filming location for the 2000 adventure drama movie The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. *glitter* As soon as I was adequately prepared, I dragged myself to my friends' hotel as the car would pick us up there. Walking past Patong Beach in hurry, I couldn't help to notice the serene ambiance this place possessed in the morning, when those beach chairs were still vacant and there were no people around. So peaceful. I took a moment to capture the tranquility before rushing off to meet my friends. Patong Beach in the morning We too