Universal Studios Singapore

The trip was supposed to be incognito, but it was oh so freaking EPIC I couldn't help to brag about my excursion to the first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia: Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Located inside the Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, USS offers the most-breathtaking world-class attractions ever within the region! 

How To Get There
Well, basically the transportation is pretty much easy. You could take the MRT that stops at Vivo City, then go upstairs and transfer to monorail that would take you to the Resorts World Sentosa. And there you are, ready to roll in Universal Studios!

The Attractions
USS consists of 7 theme parks in total. Let's explore!

1. Hollywood
Enter the gate and you'll find yourself walking down the Hollywood Boulevard! I admit that it didn't exactly depict the actual one in the US, as most of the sights was dominated by merchandise shops and restaurants. But who cares? As long as you could take a pic on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or smile alongside Marilyn or get in the fight with Po, it IS Hollywood.
That John Travolta star
Buddy with (ghost?) Marilyn Monroe
Ignat and Aristo versus Po: 2 vs. 1? Unfair...
There's only one attraction in Hollywood arena, and that is the Pantages Hollywood Theater where you could watch the infamous Universal monsters in a rock-n-roll musical. Unfortunately, the show is scheduled to play only at certain hours (I think. Because it was closed when I got there). Don't let it bring you down, though. I guarantee the excitement of experiencing the whole attractions would still stir up your adrenaline rush! So keep going!
The then CLOSED Pantages Hollywood Theater
2. New York
"Lights, Camera, Action!" Hosted by Steven Spielberg is the attraction where you'll be blown away by filmmakers' incredible special effects as an empty sound stage becomes the setting for a major hurricane about to hit New York City - right before your very eyes! (at least that's what the brochure says. I missed the show, by the way. Don't be sad. Life must go on, right? Let's move on to the next attraction).

3. Sci-Fi City
This is where my dream came true. I'm a big fan of roller coaster. So when I knew USS got some, I decided I HAD to go (yes, this is why I came all the way to USS in the first place: to try the new ride!). Leaving New York, heading north, up under Singapore's clear blue sky, there were the world's tallest dueling roller coasters: Battlestar Galactica's Human & Cylon.
That peculiar ride
The two coasters stand closely right next to each other, distinguished by different color: blue track for Cylon, red track for Human. You will be thrown onto an INSANELY crazy aerial combat, when Cylon is going up, around, and upside down with intense corkscrews and cobra roll; while on the track nearby, Human is speeding at 90km/h, nearly colliding with the neighboring coaster Cylon as it twists, turns, and propels you over 14 stories into the air! God... it was EPIC!!! 
p.s. I'm never coming back. Once IS enough! Needless to say, I went pale after the second coaster. But seriously though, you HAVE to try these!

4. Ancient Egypt
Did I tell you that I almost threw up after riding TWO roller coasters? (shut up. I could hear you "boo"-ing). Well, there is apparently ANOTHER coaster, now in the area of Ancient Egypt (where encounters with the cast of The Mummy and The Scorpion King are very common). 
Nana with Brendan Fraser! XD
I think he's supposed to be the guy from that movie Scorpion King. CMIIW.
The coaster itself is called Revenge of the Mummy, and I'm telling you: the ride was SO EFFIN' COOL! You'll get plunged into total darkness, not knowing where the coaster would go, whether it's going up, falling downhill, sliding backwards, or turning around! Why? Because it's an indoor coaster and you are in total blackout! Throughout the ride, you will face warrior mummies on a psychological thrill ride, complete with talking holograms, fireballs, splash of waters and hot steam... and some cool special effects you could think of that would make you feel as if you are in the movie! A MUST TRY!

5. The Lost World
There are many attractions here, but I only went to one called WaterWorld. It's a live action water show with great stunts, awesome explosions, and... have I mentioned SUPER GREAT stunts??? (or as they put it, death-defying stunts!!!). So it's like you're watching a movie with heroes and villains fighting over something (which I can't recall), but they were doing it LIVE right in front of you, doing dangerous stunts such as jumping off the speeding boat, swinging on the ropes SO HIGH, landing a seaplane on the water (yes, a PLANE, skidding across the waters just inches away from you and then EXPLODED!!!)
A PLANE. No kidding.
I was completely blown-away! I mean, really! And those stuntmen were very strong and very sporty! Although, come to think of it, it was sort of an exhibitionism of muscles (but I enjoyed it nevertheless). 

Besides WaterWorld, The Lost World arena is also home for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure where you could enjoy a thrilling river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats (I heard it's gonna get you REALLY wet), Canopy Flyer where you'll be flying high while watching the prehistoric view of Jurassic Park from the bird's-eye, and other fun rides for children.

6. Far Far Away
See, hear, and feel (yes, literally FEEL) the action right from your seat as you join Princess Fiona & Shrek in a fairytale adventure on Shrek 4-D Adventure. Priceless... And I'm speechless.

7. Madagascar
A Crate Adventure which would offer you with unforgettable river boat ride with the cast of Madagascar (Alex, Marty, Melman, and GLORIA) was still in the making when I went there. It sucked. We took a pic, though.
Anyway. As for your growling stomach, no need to worry. You could find plenty of restaurants spread all over the USS with your preferred taste- American, Asian, even Middle-East - as well as special selection such as vegetarian or halal choices.

This whole adventure inside the Universal Studios Singapore would cost you around SG $71-75 (I honestly forgot, I apologize) per day, at which you could actually finish the theme park in just one day.

Just sharing anyway.

More later, 


p.s. Special thanks to Nana for the photos and her travel agent Panda Travel for being such a GREAT company during our trip! XOXO

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