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Universal Studios Singapore

The trip was supposed to be incognito, but it was oh so freaking EPIC I couldn't help to brag about my excursion to the first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia: Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Located inside the Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, USS offers the most-breathtaking world-class attractions ever within the region!   How To Get There Well, basically the transportation is pretty much easy. You could take the MRT that stops at Vivo City, then go upstairs and transfer to monorail that would take you to the Resorts World Sentosa. And there you are, ready to roll in Universal Studios! The Attractions USS consists of 7 theme parks in total. Let's explore! 1. Hollywood Enter the gate and you'll find yourself walking down the Hollywood Boulevard! I admit that it didn't exactly depict the actual one in the US, as most of the sights was dominated by merchandise shops and restaurants. But who cares? As long as you could take a pic on the Hollywood