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Glee Season 2 Afterglow

Well, well. Been abandoning this blog for over a month. Not much to bitch about, though. By the way, just found out that besides a few best friends, there are people who actually read this blog. And not by accident. Like, they want to read my blog for real. So yeah. Apparently, people DO read my blog. Despite I personally honestly believe that this may be the most trivial blog you would ever read, but I appreciate the time that you spent reading my mostly non-sense posts. So here I am, trying to blog again. I don't know what I should be blogging about, though. I mean, when you realized that people read your blog, you sorta feel urged to figure out some kind of formula so the blog could meet the expectations of your readers. I mean, really, you don't wanna disappoint those who have put the effort bearing all the non-sense you've willfully written, right? But then again, I've been blogging without following any demand from anyone, and people still read my blog anyway. So