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Whatever. This Post Rhymes.

It’s Wednesday. Well… I’d say it’s just another ordinary day. Waking up late as if this was holiday. Yeah, blame it to my buddy whose birthday, with mine, is just one day away. Don’t tell anyone, but he’s the one who swayed me with stuff that had my eyes betray me to stay awake until after midnight yesterday. Praise to Lord, I could eventually steered myself to hit the hay. I mean, a few hours later at work the following day, I had to be in full play. Despite being sleep-deprived and thus relying on caffeine all day, the work went okay. What can I say? I slay! Anyway, I like essay. And I guess that’s why my writing turns out to be this way. It doesn’t perfectly portray my day, but I’m hoping I don’t stray. And by the way, I just realized I hadn’t been writing since May! I know I’m not good at wordplay, as in people might be turning their gaze away from my so-called essay, let alone giving me pay. But the fact that I’m starting to write again today has made my day. Yay! So I pray. May t