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When Myths Went Real

Honestly, I don’t feel like blogging. I get this painful headache after revising my beloved final project (Yes. Now I’m going all POSITIVE. Since naming it “skripshit” was not helping AT ALL. So, Law of Attraction, hello, I happen to turn to you!). Not to mention watching Transformers EXTREMELY close from the FRONT ROW SEAT right after that. But I think I will try to relieve it by posting some things that have been stuffed into my limited brain (which I assume would just make this gnawing pain in my head worse). But, whatever, there’s nothing to lose. Except, perhaps, my sanity (which is barely even there). Anyway, I’ve read these two books written by Michael Scott: The Alchemyst & The Magician. Both are the first two books of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel saga. To be truthful, I felt a little bit deceived after buying The Alchemyst, not knowing that it is actually the first part in six (yes, SIX) books! I thought it wasn't a series. You see, I have this issue w