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The Sunday Philosophy Club

This is gonna be exciting! I have finished reading another book by Alexander McCall Smith called The Sunday Philosophy Club. Apparently, this book is also a series but separated from The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series which is written by Smith too (and which I am very fond of). Anyway after reading it from cover to cover, I came to a conclusion that I love this series as well! The novel itself is starred by Isabel Dalhousie, an editor of The Review of Applied Ethics which is kind of journal of philosophy specialized in morality issues and loaded by ideas on how one should act according to philosophical justification. The setting took place in Scotland, where Smith currently resides, so you would sense very strong influence of Scottish culture (mostly manners and architectural designs), art (mostly music and paintings), literature (mostly poems), and European atmosphere in general. The main plot of the first instalment of The Sunday Philosophy Club series is started when Isabel wi