The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers was selected on Oprah’s Book Club in April 2004. Time Magazine also included the novel in its TIME 100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to 2005. The novel itself was originally published in 1940.

Actually, it was quite a work to read this book (thick and complicated). However reading classic literatures has always been an exciting pleasure. It gives me such a thrill to experience minds of the past.

Back to the novel. I think “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter” is both beautiful and tragic.

The story revolves around the lives of five people who initially had no relationship one another, but as the story progressed, they found that they had something in common, and thus, were related simultaneously.

Jack Blount, a socialist who pissed off with judgmental society and unfair government; Mick Kelly, a girl with many dreams but trapped in poverty and stuck with burden to support her family financially; Biff Brannon, a restaurant owner whose wife died and had no children; Benedict Copeland, a black doctor who insisted to provide equal rights for colored people (just to remind you, the book was written when discrimination based on race still extensively existed); and John Singer, a deaf man who looked wise, kind, and calm, but was actually struggling inside to deal with his great loss of a best friend who was sent to mental asylum (and later, died).

They all reflected loneliness that probably accompanies some of us.

Because, let's face it, someone could be lonely even though he/she was not alone.

Yeah, I wonder why is that so?

Why do we feel lonely even in the most crowded crowd?


  1. maaf pak, oot, i just tergelitik sama tagline blog ini, "i'm just ordinary guy".. well, by my opinion, everybody's special, u just need to look a little closer, wehey neng ui pinter yah,hehehe... suit suit... *1% progression to grow up* <- my praise to my self...

    no hurt feeling ya,,,

  2. may be i'm the opposite... i feel no lonely when i was alone. I often feel lonely because i AM alone. but when that feeling come, it feels like i can cry all day long... so to prevent it i must make myself busy...

  3. @ bjok: of course everybody is special, i admit. but still, i feel that i'm just an ordinary guy.. what do you expect?

    @ anonim: ok. i got that.. thx.

  4. Manusia merasa sepi ditengah2 keramaian mungkin karena asing atau enggak kerasan. Biasanya, ketika ia bertemu dengan seseorang yang ia kenal, dunianya seperti tersedot menuju orang tersebut dan manusia sedikit merasa nyaman walaupun sebentar.

    Ngerasa kayak gitu ya lumayan sering. Mungkin terlalu sering.

  5. hoo.. kirain cuma beg doang yg sering gt... heuheu

  6. begy, kamu pilih buku ini utk jadi topik tulisan kamu dalam blog kamu karena kamu merasa ada sesuatu kesamaan dalam hidup kamu atau apa, nak? karena biasanya aku begitu beg, punya kesan terhadap sesuatu karena aku bisa atu pernah merasakan hal itu atau atau sesuatu itu sebenarnya tentang diri sendiri.

    ngerti ga beg?!

    kasih contoh ya, contohnya..
    waktu disuruh bikin puisi tentang alam.. aku cerita tentang kehidupan dan perasaan ikan (sotoy tea), semut, angin, gunung, sama bunga.. eeh kata psikolognya, itu mah kehidupan kamu ya? ya aku ngangguk,.

    masih belum ngerti juga beg..? ckckckck

    jadi begy sering merasa begitu ya? kesepian dalam keramaian? =(

    mungkin kamu salah pilih keramaian? ato kamu belum bisa sefrekuensi sama keramaian kamu? ato kamu berharap berlebih dari keramaian?

    maaf ya, kalo kalo aku juga pernah jadi keramaian yang membuat mu kesepian. *mellow&lebay mode on*

  7. ah begitulah mel. kalo lagi sentimentil suka (sering) ngerasa gitu. sebenernya pas beli buku ini emang tertarik gara2 judulnya, yg sepertinya begitu dekat dgn kehidupanku *halah*. dan setelah baca, emang iya. hiks..


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